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RO Pretreatment Systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems demand adequate pretreatment in order to provide dependable and effective operation. Let RODI Systems assist you in getting the most from your RO system by providing high performance pretreatment technologies. Our pretreatment products include zeolite media filtration, tubular ultrafiltration (UF), hollow fiber UF, and ceramic microfiltration and UF.


Production Capacity 5000 GPD to 2 million+ GPD
Treatment Technologies RODI's RO pretreatment systems can incorporate any of the following: media filtration, pressurized ultrafiltration or microfiltration (polymeric or ceramic), submerged ultrafilration or microfiltration (polymeric or ceramic), carbon adsorption, chemical injection, and UV treatment.
Controls and Instrumentation Totally automatic PLC-based control system with graphic operator interface. Full complement of electronic sensors including pressure, flow, temperature, turbidity, silt density index, and any other necessary analytical instrumentation.
System Configuration Containerized or skid-mounted.
Available Options Insulation and climate control (containerized systems), remote monitoring, on-site commissioning and operator training.
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  • High Purity RO
  • Brackish RO
  • Desalination