Custom monitoring and control systems!

Custom monitoring and control systems and products for water treatment applications. Learn More »

RODI Systems' TMX Portable Water Purification Systems

Portable water treatment systems for temporary and emergency use. Learn More »

Unlimited fresh water from the sea!

RODI's containerized desalination systems utilize the latest technologies for energy efficient seawater desalination. Learn More »

Water Treatment Solutions for Mining Operations

Portable packaged water and waste water treatment systems for mining applications. Learn More »

Water Treatment for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Water treatment systems for produced water recycling and process water purification. Learn More »

Desalination Systems

RODI's high quality seawater desalination systems offer low cost of ownership along with dependable operation. Our containerized PureBox systems are shipped as complete, functioning systems and require a minimum of installation time and site preparation. More »

Water Treatment Systems

We provide high-quality treatment systems utilizing membrane-based and conventional technologies. Our systems are used in a multitude of applications including water reuse, emergency response, and process water treatment. More »

Waste Treatment

RODI's membrane-based treatment systems are excellent solutions for a number of waste treatment applications. Our containerized MBR systems are a good choice for any high BOD waste especially those applications that have space limitations. More »

Silt Density Index Monitors

The RODI Systems EZ SDIâ„¢ automatically and consistently monitors the silt density index of RO feed water. Operators can quickly and regularly check the effectiveness of the RO pretreatment system without bothering with labor-intensive manual tests. More »

Controllers and Instruments

We offer a complete line of high quality instruments and dedicated controllers for specific applications. More »

Chemical Feed Systems

Chemical feed equipment ranging from individual pumps to complete skid-mounted systems. More »