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Custom Chemical Feed Systems

RODI Systems can provide complete chemical feed systems including pumps, controls, instrumentation, sensors, mixers, and day tanks, all installed in a convenient skid-mounted package. Our systems are built for your application and are designed to operate per your specifications. Here are some features that make our chem feed systems stand out.

Superior Pump Quality - Our pumps are of superior quality and include control features that others lack. All of our diaphragm operated pumps have a five year diaphragm warranty.

Advanced Control Systems - Our expertise in microprocessor-based control systems allows us to provide a chemical feed system with a high degree of automation and control. This means less manpower is required for proper operation and equates to significant savings in chemical usage and system reliability.

Proper Materials of Construction - By using the proper construction materials for the given application, the user is insured the system will operate dependably and safely during its lifetime.

Superior Technical Support - RODI's chemical feed systems are backed by a well-experienced design team and solid technical support.

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  • Cooling Towers
    Wastewater Treatment
    Potable Water Treatment
    RO Pretreatment
    UF Chlorination