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HG 702 Chlorine Analyzer

The Hydroguard 702 chlorine analyzer is a unique multi-parameter instrument that brings laboratory quality results to the process environment. The HG 702 utilizes an automated DPD analytical method for total and/or free chlorine. Additional parameters available include pH, ORP, and conductivity. The HG 702 Turbi-Plus version also adds multi-angle white light nephelometry for turbidity measurement.

The HG 702 features longer maintenance intervals. Detailed maintenance reminders and alarms provide useful data on events, timing, and causes enabling the operator to respond effectively. The HG 702 performs self cleaning and self calibration and demonstrates long term stability. Manual procedures, such as periodic replacement of reagents, are easy and require no special skills.

Access to data may be accomplished by means of 4-20 mA, internal data logging, or Modbus network. Various proportional and on/off control functions are also available.


Product Description Multi-parameter analyzer for water treatment applications
Chlorine Measurement Free or total, 0-10 ppm via colorimetric DPD, proportional or on/off control
Turbidity Measurement (Turbi-Plus Version) White light nephelometry (90 and 180 deg), 0-200 NTU
pH (Optional) 0-14 pH units, proportional or on/off control
ORP (Optional) 0-2000 mV, high alarm output
Conductivity (Optional) 0-10,000 uS
Power 100-115 or 200-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 31.0" x 21.7" x 5.3" including mounting board
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  • Water Purification
  • RO Monitoring
  • Cooling Towers
  • Fruit and Veg Processing