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PureBoxTM ROWPU Portable Water Treatment and Desalination System

The PureBoxTM Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU) is a self-contained, fully functional water treatment and desalination system housed in an ocean-worthy quadcon (5000 gpd) or 20 ft (20,000 gpd) shipping container. The quadcon is a "mini" container, exactly one fourth the size of a standard 20 ft intermodal container. The PureBoxTM ROWPU is designed to treat virtually any natural water supply including fresh water, brackish water, or seawater to provide purifed water for consumption, irrigation, or industrial use.

It is designed with simplicity and durability in mind and is easy to transport, install, operate, and maintain. The ROWPU is an excellent choice for emergency use, resorts, hotels, small communities, and military installations. It represents the lowest cost option for a complete, fully-functional system for brackish water and seawater desalination.

The ROWPU incorporates the following treatment steps:

Primary Filter (Optional) — The primary media filter consists of a fiberglass composite pressure vessel containing anthracite filter media. The primary filter is backwashable and removes larger suspended solids which might otherwise have a detrimental effect on the other system components.

Secondary Filter (Optional) — The secondary media filter consists of a fiberglass composite pressure vessel containing TurbidexTM high performance filter media. TurbidexTM granules consist of a high surface area aluminosilicate mineral that provides exceptional suspended solids filtration. The secondary media filter is backwashable and the macro porous nature of TurbidexTM allows for filtration at levels approaching five microns in particle size.

Cartridge Filter — The secondary media filter is followed by a cartridge filter to insure that stray particulate does not inadvertently enter the high pressure pump or RO membrane elements.

Reverse Osmosis — Reverse osmosis (RO) is the heart of the ROWPU. By utilizing high rejection thin film composite membrane elements, the ROWPU is capable of removing a vast number of contaminants from the feed water. This includes salinity, heavy metals, arsenic, organic compounds, not to mention viruses and bacteria.

Disinfection (Optional) — As an option, the ROWPU can be equipped with one or more disinfection steps to further disinfect the RO permeate. This may include chemical (bleach) injection or ultraviolet (UV) treatment.


Production Capacity 5,000 to 20,000 gallons per day (from single container system)
Container Seaworthy new quadcon intermodal dry freight container. Container is equipped with a valid CSC plate. Insulation and climate control are available as options.
Construction FRP and 316SS structural members. Non-metallic vessels. Low pressure piping is Sch 80 PVC. High pressure piping 316SS.
High Pressure Pump Positive displacement Hydra-Cell pump of 316SS.
Pretreatment Two-stage media filtration. Ceramic microfiltration available as an option. Cartridge filtration included as a standard feature.
Controls and Instrumentation PLC-based control system. Full complement of indicators and sensors including pressure, flow, and product quality.
Membrane Cleaning System Included as integral to system. High pressure pump serves as cleaning pump.
Available Options Insulation and climate control, remote monitoring, pre-treatment ceramic microfilter, post-treatment disinfection and pH adjusment, on-site commissioning and operator training.
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  • Emergency Drinking Water
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Military Installations
  • Work Camps
  • Small Communities


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