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RODI TMX Portable Water Treatment Systems

The RODI Systems TMX trailer-mounted water purification systems are designed to provide potable water in situations were safe drinking water is otherwise unavailable. The TMX is capable of producing potable water from water sources such as rivers, lakes, or contaminated public drinking water supplies.

The RODI TMX is suitable for a number of applications including:

- Emergency Relief

- Small Communities

- Remote Work Camps

- Military Facilities

- Temporary Supply to Industrial Facilities

The RODI TMX treatment system offers a number of benefits that makes it an excellent choice for your application.

Shelf Life — The system is designed to provide an extended shelf life with little or no maintenance.

Portability — The system is completely self-contained in a commercial cargo trailer. Simply park the trailer, make piping and electrical connections, and start treating water.

Flexibility — The RODI TMX is designed to treat water from a number of freshwater sources. With the RO treatment options, brackish and seawater may also be treated to provide potable water.

Quality — The TMX is designed and built by RODI Systems Corp., a leader in the construction of portable water treatment systems.

Dependability — RODI’s portable systems are serving as dependable sources of clean water around the world.

Effectiveness — The high performance water treatment technologies in the TMX systems ensures that the product water is of the highest quality.


Production Capacity 5,000 to 300,000 gallons per day.
Trailer Bumper pull commercial trailer, fifth wheel commercial trailer, or semi-truck cargo van.
Construction FRP and 316SS structural members. Non-metallic vessels. Piping is Sch 80 PVC.
Treatment Technology Zeolite media filtration, catalytic carbon adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and/or chemical injection. Other treatment technologies are also available.
Controls and Instrumentation Totally automatic PLC-based control system with graphic operator interface. Full complement of electronic sensors including pressure, flow, pH, ORP, turbidity, and others as required.
Available Options Insulation and climate control, remote monitoring, on-site commissioning and operator training.
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  • Emergency Drinking Water
  • Process Water Treatment
  • Desalination
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Dissolved Solids Reduction
  • Organic Removal