PureBoxTM CMBR Wastewater System

The PureBoxTM CMBR systems are containerized membrane bioreactors capable of treating domestic waste (sewage).  The CMBR units produce a high quality effluent suitable for reuse in irrigation, dust control, industrial process water, and other applications.

The PureBoxTM CMBR is designed to treat domestic or industrial wastewater.  This system is available in multiple sizes to fit a 20 ft or 40 ft shipping container (plus external bioreactor) and provide a production rate of 2,500 to 50,000 gallons per day. 

Superior Effluent Quality - Since the treated wastewater passes through a membrane, the quality of the effluent is superior and virtually devoid of any suspended solids.  Effluent from a membrane bioreactor is well-suited for reuse including irrigation, process water, dust control, etc.


Small Footprint and Portability - The CMBR unit consists of a standard intermodal container housing the bioreactor, blowers, recirculation pump, membrane modules, and controls.  This results in a compact system that requires a minimum of site preparation and a shorter installation time.


Self-Contained Operation -  The CMBR is designed to operate as a portable, self-contained treatment system.  All necessary treatment equipment and supplies are furnished as part of the container housing the treatment system.


Ease of Maintenance - The CMBR utilizes submerged flat-plate membrane modules which are continuously air-scoured to reduce fouling.  Specialized control sequences allow “relax” intervals which further protects the membrane from flux loss due to particulate fouling.  When operated properly, the CMBR membrane modules will provide superior flux rates for extended periods with no maintenance necessary.


Automatic Control - The CMBR is equipped with a microprocessor-based monitoring and control system.  This system may be remotely monitored via cellular modem.  The automatic control system is equipped with manual overrides should manual control become necessary.


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