PureBoxTM Containerized Water Treatment Systems

RODI Systems' PureBoxTM water treatment systems are complete water treatment, desalination, and waste treatment systems built inside intermodal shipping containers.  These systems are built and tested in RODI's New Mexico facility and shipped worldwide to customers requiring cost-effective, dependable water treatment technology.  Using containerized systems has a number of advantages including lower capital cost, speed of delivery, minimum of site preparation, and lower on-site construction costs.

Why Containerized Systems?

RODI Systems has almost two decades of experience in designing and fabricating portable water treatment systems built inside intermodal shipping containers (Click here for a slide presentation).  Containerized water treatment and desalination systems provide a number of advantages over site built systems.

Lower Capital Cost - Building the complete system in a factory setting costs less than building and testing the same size system on site.  Furthermore, consistent quality is easier to maintain in a factory setting thus insuring the final product will meet client's needs.

Fast Delivery - Time from order to commissioning is a fraction of what is typically required for a site-built system.  Containerized systems are excellent for emergency use applications.  They can be easily stored, maintained, and transported for immediate deployment.

Small Footprint - The compact size of containerized systems requires less expensive land area than site-built systems.  Containerized systems can be installed inside existing facilities where site-built systems simply would not have room.

Lower Installation Cost - Less time spent on site for construction and installation means a lower overall cost for installation.  A minimum of site preparation is necessary.


Flexibility - Even large containerized systems can be easily moved in the future should plans change.  Mounting the containers on trailer carriers creates a very durable mobile system, much more durable than systems built inside semi trailer vans.


Desalination - If the feed water source is high in salinity, it may be necessary to desalinate the water by means of reverse osmosis (RO).  This is typically done to produce fresh water from seawater although desalination is also used to treat brackish well waters.  RODI provides treatment systems for both of these applications and our desalination systems can be equipped with necessary pretreatment technologies for successful treatment of virtually any feed water.  Our desalination systems are constructed of the highest quality components and are equipped with state-of-the-art energy recovery technology.  Click here for more information on our desalination systems.

Water Purification - For water sources that do not require removal of dissolved solids, RODI provides filtration systems for the removal of suspended solids and subsequent disinfection.  Various treatment methods may be employed including media filtration as well as membrane filtration.  Click here for more information on our standard purification systems.  Certain water sources may not be high in salinity but may require the removal of selected dissolved materials such as naturally occurring organic compounds or inorganic materials such as fluoride.  For these applications, low pressure reverse osmosis can be employed.

Sewage Treatment - Treatment of domestic waste (sewage) is accomplished by means of RODI's containerized membrane bioreactors (MBRs).  These treatment technology provided exceptional effluent quality and lends itself especially well to waste water reuse and recycling.  MBR effluent can often be fed directly to an RO unit with little or no additional pretreatment.  Small MBR units are housed entirely in the shipping container while larger MBR systems have the mechanical and electrical components housed inside a container with a modular tank used for the bioreactor.  This arrangement allows the system to be shipped in containers but still allows for the relatively large tank volume necessary for biological oxidation.  Click here for information on our containerized MBR units.

High Purity Treatment - High purity systems such as those necessary for boiler feed, turbine injection, etc. can also be provided as a containerized solution.  RODI has provided containerized boiler feed systems in capacities as large as two million gallons per day.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment - RODI Systems has a long history in providing custom designed treatment systems for the treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater.  Virtually any of these systems can also be provided as a containerized solution.

Regardless of whether your application requires water purification, desalination, or wastewater treatment, contact us to learn how our containerized systems can save you time and money on your water treatment project.