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PureBoxTM CMBR Wastewater Treatment Systems

RODI's containerized membrane bioreactor treatment system (CMBR) is designed to treat domestic or industrial wastewater for BOD removal. This system was designed in multiple sizes to fit a 20 ft or 40 ft shipping container (including bioreactor) and provides a production rate of 5,000 to 50,000 gallons per day.

RODI Systems’ CMBR process uses aerobic digestion as does a conventional system. However, with the CMBR process, a pressurized membrane module is used to separate the treated wastewater from the biomass in the bioreactor. Use of the membrane offers several advantages:

Smaller Bioreactor - Membrane separation of liquid and solids allows the biomass in the bioreactor to be as high as 25 grams per liter. This results in a bioreactor a fraction of the size as that necessary in a conventional system of the same throughput.

Longer Sludge Retention - Longer sludge retention times in a membrane bioreactor mean easier sludge handling and less sludge to be disposed of. Membrane bioreactors are less sensitive to changes in wastewater quality.

Superior Effluent Quality - Since the treated wastewater passes through a membrane, the quality of the effluent is superior and virtually devoid of any suspended solids. Effluent from a membrane bioreactor may be fed directly to a reverse osmosis unit with no additional treatment.


Capacity 2,500 to 50,000 gallons per day.
Construction Totally contained inside a seaworthy “one trip” intermodal dry freight container(s). Container is equipped with a valid CSC plate. Insulation and climate control are available as options.
Effluent Quality BOD and TSS <5 mg/l.
Treatment Method Aerobic bioreactor with submerged flat plate membrane elements.
Controls and Instrumentation Totally automatic PLC-based control system with graphic operator interface. Full complement of electronic sensors including pressure and flow.
Available Options Insulation and Climate Control, DO Monitor in Bioreactor, Turbidity Monitor on Effluent, Inlet Screening Unit, Remote Monitoring
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  • Housing Developments
    Work Camps
    Construction Sites
    Military Installations
    Decentralized Applications
    Food and Beverage Waste
    High BOD Industrial Waste


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