• Custom Designed Solutions

In addition to our standard products such as the PureBoxTM containerized desalination systems, TMX trailer-mounted systems, CMBR wastewater treatment systems, and IMS water recycling systems, RODI Systems Corp. (RODI) can design and build custom solutions for specific applications.  Here are just a few of the applications in which RODI has supplied cost effective solutions:

Aquarium Life Support - Over seventeen years ago, RODI's first project involved the control of salinity in a killer whale habitat at a major aquatic theme park.  Since then, RODI has provided numerous solutions for problems facing aquatic life support system operators.

Industrial Wastewater - RODI's experience in industrial wastewater includes applications such as metal finishing, textile dyeing, and oil and gas processing.  RODI is particularly adept at finding cost-effective ways to recycle and reuse treated wastewater to lower the client's overall cost of operation.

Oil and Gas Produced Water - This may be the most challenging application in wastewater treatment.  RODI has long experience in dealing with produced water from oil and gas exploration and production operations having been involved in the treatment of produced water since its founding in 1995. Moreover, the key technical personnel at RODI Systems have been involved with produced water treatment for over twenty years.

Desalination of Seawater -  RODI's PureBoxTM containerized desalination systems are available in sizes up to 240,000 gallons per day (910 m3/day).  For applications outside this size range, RODI can design and build either containerized or skid-mounted systems to meet the client's needs.

Boiler Feed Water - RODI's experience with boiler feed water includes systems up to 2 million gallons per day.  Our experience also encompasses treatment of industrial wastewater for boiler feed.

Food and Beverage Wastewater - High strength waste from food and beverage processing can pose particular challenges.  RODI's experience in this area includes custom solutions for membrane bioreactor treatment of winery waste along with ultrafiltration of secondary waste from poultry processing.

Emergency Response Systems - RODI's TMX trailer-mounted systems are designed specifically for emergency response applications.  However, we understand many clients may have particular needs in terms of system capacity, power supplies, and overall system configuration.  RODI is ready to assist in developing a solutions specific to the client's needs.

Domestic Wastewater - The CMBR (containerized membrane bioreactor) products supplied by RODI are excellent choices for treatment of domestic wastewater.  However, in those unique cases, RODI can provide custom solutions to meet specific needs.  A recent example is the design of simple, containerized systems for the treatment of domestic waste from oil and gas drilling operations.

We welcome challenges and our track record is excellent in providing clients with tailored solutions.  Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.